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manufacturing, marketing and sales team representing the very best and unique state of the industry in Water Curable Elastomeric Coating Technologies.

Cost Effective Compound to Increase the Quality & Reduce the Cost.

* Better Elongation.
* POLY TUFF makes the product unbreakable.
* Good Homogently.
* Excellent Gloss, Brightness and Finished Surface.
* Variations of Shrinking will be controlled.
* Thickness Variations can be controlled.
* Dosage of Recycle Material can be increased.
* Increase breaking strength, increase impact strength.
* Excellent dispersion of all raw materials.
* Increase intensity of color, consistent flow of raw material.

Benefit of using POLY TUFF Compound in Blown Film

* Increase strength of Blown Film.
* Improved dispersion and increase the dosage of filter.
* Better optical properties so film is Glossy and Shiny.
* Reduced Power Consumption, Increase output of the Film Machine.
* Cost reduction due to Down Gauging of the Film.
* Doasge level 5-10% Depend on application.
* Increase sealing properties

For improved product quality and production for Raffia Taps

* Benfits of using in Raffia Taps.
* Improved tenacity.
* Higher Elongation.
* Less tape breakage with higher filler loading
* Faster line speed and improved output..
* Downgauging opportunities.
* Cost-reduction opportunities

Nordic Industries

Nordic Industries FZE was established in 2006 in Sharjah , United Arab emirates as a manufacturer of PVC compounds for different applications such as pipes , fittings , cable insulation , rigid and  flexible profiles as well as clear tubing .

Nordic Industries FZE is leading manufacturing of all kind of special effect color masterbatch and  additive combination masterbatch.

Nordic Industries FZE have trading division in PVC Stabilizer , PVC Lubricants , PVC Additives , Tio2 , Carbon Black , PE Wax , OB and Impact Modifier .
Nordic Industries FZE Quality policy is to design and produce products that comply with laws and regulations under international standards, also In line with customer expectations and needs to be a strategic partner for its customers with its economic, reliable product design and manufacture.